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About Us

Founded forty six years ago, Oriental Sales Corporation (OSC) has today evolved into a premier medical equipment and surgical disposables distribution company. It has earned the trust of physicians and surgeons across Pakistan. We have been pioneers in Pakistan in many areas including nephrology,chiefessays.net theessayclub.com urology and neurosurgery. We have led the charge towards adoption of high tech equipment which brings enhanced value propositions for the patients…

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Pakistan’s 1st Bicarb Dialysis with Conductivity Profiling at The Kidney Centre, Karachi


Pakistan’s 1st Stealth Station Neuro Navigation System at Liaquat National Hospital


Pakistan’s 1st Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre


Pakistan’s 1st Cervical Disc Replacement at Combined Military Hospital


First IPG -Free Spinal Cord Stimulators for pain relief implanted in the region at Shifa international hospital Islamabad


Pakistan’s 1st Intra-operative Nerve Monitoring System at Hayatabad Medical Complex


Pakistan’s 1st Deep Brain Simulation at Lahore General Hospital


We have the privilege of working with some of the leading medical device manufacturers with exceptional R&D. Most of our suppliers have obtained FDA or CE certifications, providing an assurance of superior quality. We work closely with our partners to address client needs and offer customized solutions.

Our Services


As part of our partnership with Cochlear Ltd. Australia – inventors of the multi-channel cochlear Implant – we offer a complete package to patients that includes implants, sound processor, clinical care, and after-procedure support. These services are delivered with the support of a fully trained in-house audiologist.


We remain available to ensure the success of surgeries done through our products. For spinal surgery, we ensure the availability of implants and work with the end-users to optimize inventory levels. The assurance of the availability of right sizes during spine surgery allows the end-users to deliver better patient outcomes. We are also at the forefront of offering integrated OT solutions: Our relationships with the principals are complementary, meaning that we are able to offer integrated neurosurgical, spinal and ENT ORs.


Our team of biomedical engineers is ever-ready to offer client support to handle device faults, maintenance, and periodic inspections. Our quick response means that down-time is minimized, and that the investment that a hospital has made in the health of its patients remains protected.


We hold a commitment to the advancement of medical education amongst healthcare providers in Pakistan. To this end, we frequently conduct workshops and trainings. We also work with end-users to identify conferences and seminars where they can promote their research findings. In addition to this, we work with our international partners to organize training sessions for end-users that also involve live surgeries in some of the best medical institutions in the world.