About Us


Founded forty six years ago, Oriental Sales Corporation (OSC) has today evolved into a premier medical equipment and surgical disposables distribution company. It has earned the trust of physicians and surgeons across Pakistan. We have been pioneers in Pakistan in many areas including nephrology, urology and neurosurgery. We have led the charge towards adoption of high tech equipment which brings enhanced value propositions for the patients.


OSC remains committed to bringing innovative products and introducing cutting‐edge technologies in the Pakistan healthcare space. A recent example of this approach is the introduction of the Hybrid Neuro Navigation with Holo Lens for use by neurosurgeons. This product is a break-through for computer-assisted surgery systems, delivering greater surgeon ease and improved patient outcomes. We are also actively working on areas such as spinal cord stimulation that serves patients with chronic leg and back pain, minimally invasive spine surgery solutions that reduce surgery trauma.


Our customers include hospitals run by the central and provincial governments, military, as well as private institutions. Our strength lies in being able to arrange training and workshops for continued medical education to ensure that we are at the forefront of medical innovations, and are able to effectively address the needs of patients and care givers. Our well‐trained biomedical engineering staff is always available to provide maintenance and engineering backup services to our customers.